Mmm-Mmm… Bacon

“A well-balanced breakfast being necessary to the start of a good day, the right of the people to cook and eat bacon shall not be infringed.”

…and not just that crispy, applewood smoked stuff. But also Canadian bacon, “Impossible” bacon, and, yes… even (Aaack!) turkey bacon.

So, why should it matter if it’s microwave’d, skillet fried, or grilled outside? To whom does the right belong? not to… “A well-balanced breakfast” or “…a good day”. The right belongs to the people.

So, it goes without saying… being able to purchase and tote about town is also implicit in the right. The State cannot acknowledge the right and then limit availability to only “Low Sodium”.

Nor can the State deny the right.

Go back a read the it again: The Amendment guarantees a pre-existing right. Because natural or God-given rights predate human government. That is to say, if the Amendment were removed, the right would still exist.

Because though it’s about bacon, it’s not just about bacon. It’s about soda straws, and Big Gulps ™, and pancakes topped with whipped cream and blueberries.

It’s about freedom.

Juice one lime. Sure, bottled juice may produce the same result, but dips are all about preparation. Consumption by guys who lick pork rind bags.

Blue Plate Special
A taste of Americana: The Blue Plate Special was satisfying, nutritious, and for two bits… affordable.