Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

And nothing to show for it except a “…now I are one” wall decoration.

Of course, the goal of education is to obtain a diploma, not an education. The diploma is needed to pay for the education. The education is not.

Sadly, most institutions of higher learning have become more indoctrination than anything else, leaving grads completely unprepared for the real world.

Anything they’ve learned will just have to be unlearned.

Still, the privileged lie, cheat, and bribe to gain admittance to these ancient institutions with stone-carved names. But that isn’t the scam. That these schools spin large pots of tuition gold into worthless straw-hued cardstock – that’s the scam.

And the peasants celebrate.

The morning after, shirtless skateboarders and whiny snowflakes are rudely awakened from their land of make-believe with no marketable skills and degrees in:

Social Unrest
White Privilege and of course…
We Hate America

That wood framed participation trophy was supposed to provide an edge over everybody else, except… with universal access, forgivable loans and (coming soon) free-ride admission, everybody else has one, too.

Rather than mortgaging their future, many students would be better served dropping out to learn a trade and pave their own way.

Or just get a job.

“In all labor there is profit.”  Proverbs 14:23

If a diploma were ever honestly desired… print one. It’d be just as valuable, and not nearly as dishonest.

So, fling that wall-hung thing in the garbage bin and hum some Freddy Fender, ‘cause nobody’s impressed. Nobody worth knowing.

Snowflake Melting Resolutions
Opinions are like belly-buttons: Everyone’s got one. And whining doesn’t enrich the discussion. It’s just more pee in the pool.

Ten Commandments
IV. Honor thy Father and thy Father’s boyfriend, thy Mother and her gender nonspecific significant other, Mother Earth… .