Blue Plate Special

A taste of Americana: The Blue Plate Special was satisfying, nutritious, and for two bits… affordable.

But diners have since wandered away to the All You Can Eat buffet. Not because they were really hungry, but to eat more than they could fit on their plate while depriving others of the same.

Socialism isn’t about satisfying the hungry “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” but punishing those who have for the pleasure of those who have not.

…in the name of justice.

Which is the whole purpose of our escalating tax code – to restore some mythical equality out of inequality by taxing unequally. But reams of tax code later, we are unequal still.

Even flattening the tax code into a single rate, the rich (…suckers) would still pay more for benefits they would never ever use, than those sopping-up those benefits… for which they could never hope to pay.

“Diversity (of color and culture but not of income) is our Strength” …or so goes the bumper sticker.

Equality used to mean equal treatment by the law not because of the law, including an ‘even-steven’ tax code. But if that is still our ideal, we are a long way from home. Article I, Section IX’s “one tax fits all” was overthrown by Marx and Engels’ 16th Amendment.

If diners had to pay out of pocket for everything they ordered, they’d never drool over someone else’s plate.

But the sinful and the selfish want it all, someone to pay for it all, and the law to tilt the table their way. The purpose then of the law is to take what they could not obtain without  the law, and provide what nature (and nature’s God) failed to supply. And in the process declare them morally justified.

“If righteousness comes by the Law, then Christ is dead in vain.”
Galatians 2:21

The ground is level at the foot of the cross.

Level Ground
We bless the Father and give the finger to our fellow man, then wonder why Dial A Prayer goes straight to voicemail.

Let’s Eat Grandma
Hold up on that blue haired buffet, we need a quick powwow with the shoot eating panda.