Rebels Without a Cause

Back in the day, they called it liberation. But they didn’t say… from what?

No one opposed their cause. Not political office seekers, not society’s social travelers, and certainly not men (if they knew what was good for them).

The only defenders of the way things oughta be were narrow minded conservatives and religious fanatics.

As the bon-fire dancing lib’ers burned their bras, and whatever else, reasoned arguments and pleas for sanity were drowned-out in increasingly louder chants of… Choice Is Not A Choice!  To be liberated from men, they had to be liberated from their babies.

Womyn’s health became a womyn’s only issue. The opinions of non-womyn were heresy. Feminism became their religion, narcissism their altar, and the unborn were sacrificed to their god. The plight of the lost seemed hopelessly lost.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the revolution… a handful of rebels rebelled.

…against the sisterhood, against “their own” cause – to defend those unable to defend themselves.

Not with threats, or social intimidation, but heart to heart. With quiet voices they gave voice to the timid. And slowly the tide turned.

Their principal form of protest: Prayer.

How much courage does it take to march with “everyone” for something “no one” would dare oppose? Yeah, not much. Courage is standing alone, against your own, for someone… who will never be known.

[Pausing a moment to dust off the Victrola and spin-up an old favorite on 45: Waylon & Willie’s Good Hearted Woman.]

Friends, the days of Roe v. Wade are numbered. The final nail may be driven by Congressional legislation or some Supreme decision, or just moral indignation. But someday someone will carve-out a fitting tombstone. And many will claim credit, make speeches, and pat themselves on the back.

But the beginning of the end came by the folded hands of a handful of lady rebels.

“Open thy mouth for [those who cannot speak] in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.”  Proverbs 31:8

Amen to that.

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