Impeach 45 Who?

Not President Trump. He’s 44.

It would be easier to take the rabble-rousers a little more seriously, if they knew how to count.

Starting with George Washington as our first President and John Adams as the second and picking our way forward, Donald J Trump is still just the forty-fourth President. Not the forty-fifth.

Of course, some Presidents may have occupied the Office more than once and some were definitely big enough to be counted more than once. But fat jokes aside, Grover Cleveland cannot be two men. Not without some nifty Multiplicity xeroxing.

Before we decide to impeach a man, shouldn’t we at least wait to find out who he is? We may find out that we actually like the guy.

President George
King George referred to President George as “the greatest character of his age.”

Monumental Robert E. Lee
Perhaps in place of Robert E. Lee they will erect a new statue… a snowflake – a testament to what this nation has become.