At Lexington and Concord

It was the eve of April 19th. Two lanterns swung in the Old North Church, as Paul Revere galloped-off into the night.

The rebels feared the capture of their leaders, Adams and Hamilton. But the British infantry blew right through the men of Lexington, and marched on to seize weapons and ammunition stored at Concord. The fight for freedom would be decided on a bridge just outside of town.

The rebellion may have touched off The Shot Heard ‘round the World, but tyranny ignited the rebellion.

And just as registration ends in confiscation, confiscation ends in slavery.

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be
disarmed.”   Noah Webster

Fidel used registration lists, compiled by the former regime, to confiscate firearms door-to-door. Unable to fight back (ever again), the Cuban people were condemned to an archaic existence under Communism.

But wasn’t this the people’s revolution? …students, women, the working poor – all clamoring for (wait for it…) equality.

“The equal right of all citizens to health, education, work, food, security, culture, science, and well-being… is what I wish for.”   Fidel Castro

And they got it. What is Socialism? but the equal distribution of misery. They surrendered the bounty of liberty for the promise of poverty.

Yeah, that’s right… be careful what you wish for. As the bumper sticker warns:

People vote themselves into Socialism, but they have to shoot their way out.

At the convention in Philadelphia, our fore-fathers created an undemocratic constitutional government, then guarded it with a Bill of Rights, to defend the republic from the tyranny of the Many: The rule of the mob.

But it was from the tyranny of the one: King George, that a rag-tag militia of shopkeepers and farmers stood their ground.  At Lexington and Concord.

This is an AR-15. A What?
A living Constitution is a dead Constitution. And an undead Constitution is a Constitution for zombies.

No Taxation without Preparation H
Why tax income at all?  We should tax things we don’t want.  Like hemorrhoids.