Love, Love will keep us Together

captain & tennille crop…maybe.

Perhaps fewer marriages would end if more marriages began with fewer thoughts of the marriage ending.

But as long as couples marry with the idea that when stuff gets tough divorce is an option, eventually it will be the only option.  Cute song, though.

Divorce is the bastard child of selfish desire. It is not a safety valve.  No one is better off. And whether children are involved or not… destroys an intact family unit.


Contentious wench submit your own will to the will of your husband, even if he is a ungrateful jerk. Ephesians 5:22-24

Ungrateful jerk profess and demonstrate an unconditional love to what’s her face, no matter what. Ephesians 5:25-28


Odd, that in the freedom that was the sexual revolution, the marrying kind have been running just as fast from marriage as those who engage in homosexuality have been running to marriage – chasing but never obtaining for something will always be missing. A “gay marriage” does not create an intact family unit, and that it requires a qualifier is an admission of what it will never be… Holy.

Culture is not only relational, it’s double entry. Expanded concepts of marriage added to one side of the society’s ledger demand that uniqueness and purity be deducted from the other.

If everything is marriage, then nothing is.

But whatever “gay marriage” is or is not, nothing is be more destructive of marriage than divorce.

And though “gay marriage” and divorce are just empty pots at opposite ends of the marital rainbow, they do possess in common one dark thread: Neither is ordained by God.

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