Play Ball!

Treasured moments are rare and should be relished; like fine food, savored and enjoyed, not splattered with ketchup.

Sure, viewership of America’s favorite pastime is down and stadium seats are empty, but it isn’t just that the games are too long, there are way too many.

Who has time to watch a game every night and a double-header on the weekend?  With a 162 regular games, a team can lose dozens and still slide into the playoffs.

There are actually more playoff games than regular season football games.  Baseball is a game of leisure and should be taken-in at leisure.  Series ought to be scheduled for weekends and holidays, with single elimination playoffs: Win or go home.

Baseball may be big business to some, but at its soul, it is still a game.  A game played by boys to be enjoyed, not made perfect.

Mistakes and errors ought to be essential ingredients to an imperfect game played by imperfect men.  Ump’s, too.  Any call that requires slow motion to get right is too close to fret over. It’s a bad call – so, what?  Play Ball!

Men ought to play ball as they live – in the moment.  And as truly boys at heart, they need to throw spit balls and play in the rain.