Survivor: Gilligan’s Island

Sure… they disagreed, and quite often got on each other’s nerves.  But those wacky castaways survived because they never actually tried to vote each other off the island.

60’s sitcom values: Something else humorless millennials don’t get.

Like Pringles in a can, they desire diversity, but demand uniformity.  So, raging and ranting with their pitchforks, torches and cellphones, they attempt to rid society of everything that offends them: Robert E. Lee, Chick-fil-A, The Dukes of Hazzard.

[Heavy ballpark reverb]  “Now playing… playing… playing…  in place of… of… of… Kate Smith’s God Bless America… America… America…


In Survivor: The French Revolution, Robespierre voted with the cake-eating mob to extinguish his tribe’s political enemies.  In the end, the tribe extinguished Robespierre.

Democracy may be a lot like running the circus from the monkey cage, but… to ad-lib Mencken, at least the monkeys aren’t trying to vote the other animals off the circus.

Welcome to democracy: Everyone voting to protect themselves from everyone else, who are voting to protect themselves (from everyone else).

The Constitution’s writers feared the tyranny of the One – King George, as much as they feared the tyranny of the mob – tribal democracy.

The entire purpose of much-maligned and misunderstood Electoral College was to protect the people from whichever way the wind blows.  And in spite of being a bit clunky, it has done just that.


Still, the Presidency cannot be gamed by cobbling together tribes of voters but States of voters.  With smaller states given a greater voice (proportionately) than larger states, protecting the heartland from the coastal concentrations of group-think.

An Interstate Compact to ignore the Constitution and elect a President by “counting every vote” will result in many votes not counting.

If every state but one votes one way, then (according to the Pact) that one odd state must surrender the vote of its people to the will of the everyone else.  Democracy betrayed in the name of democracy.

“So, this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”
Princess Padmé Amidala

The states are essential to the United States.  Unlike other nations, we were not a previously existing nation… later subdivided into tribes.  The states existed first.  Some as colonies of the King, others as territories on the frontier, and one…  a nation to itself.

The states are not native camps but geographic regions: Red and blue, black and white, leaning left an’ right… all of whom agree to disagree and live in peace and karaoke.

Without the states, nothing would remain but the United Hm-hmm of America.

Something millennial tribalists would no doubt love.  Well… they might love it, if everyone else loved it, too.  Funny how the group-think group doesn’t quite know what to think until they find out what the rest of the group-think group thinks.

Liberalism is stupid on steroids.

There is no virtue in democracy.  The majority may win but is rarely ever right.  And why does everyone need to be heard?  sixteen year olds, felons, illegals.  With popularity you may get democracy but not freedom.  Not if everything is subject to the approval of everyone else.  If liberty is freedom from the tyranny of the many, democracy is enslavement to the what everyone else thinks.

It was years of network syndication before the castaways were finally rescued.  They survived because they discovered that each was necessary to the whole.

Even Gilligan.

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