All I Need to Know about Life…

I learned in Kindergarten at the Range:

Safety first. Life’s not a video game. It’s more like a box of cereal. Enjoy with milk.


Don’t point. Someone might point back with something bigger. Feel lucky?


Gun-metal gray
is a cool color.
Brass is hot.


Some numbers are bigger than others. Others are just really loud.


Stay inside the lines. The lines are our friends.



Plastic blocks
are for kids. Steel is real.



Buddy up. Walkin’ After Midnight is a lovely tune, but take along a couple of friends, like… Smith & Wesson.


Share. Conserve. Recycle.



Be courteous. Even if you can’t hear what someone is saying, smile and nod politely.


Be alert. The world needs more lerts.



Unload and purée one Glock ® ™ in a blender; model and caliber according to taste. Substitute any striker-fired polymer.

At Lexington and Concord
Be careful what you wish for. People vote themselves into Socialism, but they have to shoot their way out.