Not Nothing

We were told we had a choice. But not that our choice had consequences.

We were told love was free. Or maybe we just wanted it to be, because we wanted what we wanted: Love without commitment, sex without responsibility. To have and have not.

Our choices define our values. And life is full of choices.

We were told unplanned pregnancy is a mistake, and mistakes can be erased. But life is not a mistake.

We raised an entire video game generation in digital fantasyland. But back in real-ville… those naughty online photos long thought deleted live on as someone’s screen-saver. And they live on forever. Like our soul.

We may not have a choice in the cards we are dealt, but we do have a choice in how they’re played. Any unplanned pregnancy is difficult, especially one resulting from force against consent. However hideous the sin, punishing the innocent does not satisfy the penalty of sin – it compounds it.

There’s a lot we didn’t understand back in the day, but not today. Advances in medical technology have laid bare the excuses we used to justify our selfishness.

We were told it was nothing. But then the baby’s heart begins to beat.

We may not be able to declare with scientific certainty what a baby is before that magical and (one hopes) constitutional moment when the soul enters the body, but we do know what it is not. It’s not nothing.

Life: The Early Days
Day 18 Heart begins to beat with baby’s own blood, often of a different type than the mother’s.

High Noon: May 18th
Years ago, I sent a man to prison. He was supposed to hang. But those liberals up north gave him own TV show. And now they set him free.