Without Exception

The only lies we get drunk on are the lies we tell ourselves.

Truth is, the discarding of the undesired reveals more than just one victim: The life that will never be and the death of those yet to die.

What guarantee of life is there, if there are circumstances under which a life can be taken? …innocent life, that is. For there is either a right to life or there is not. A pro-life position with allowances is simply an abortion accommodation with conditions. Or selective life.

Is a baby conceived by rape or incest different than any other? other than… unwanted.

If even one procedure can be executed under the most restrictive circumstances, the “right” to choose will still exist. Provisions and exclusions are just bureaucratic red tape. Truth remains personal. Life a choice. Death the ultimate lie.

So, while there are (to varying degrees) numerous, conscience-numbing, pro-choice positions, there is only one valid pro-life position: Without Exception.

…which is not an argument against some watered down life-saving legislation, even with exceptions, that ultimately reduces the sacrifice of the unborn. But any pro-life belief which allows “except in cases of…” is straight Tennessee whiskey.

“Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son”  1 John 4:10

The gift of life by love and not law still ought to be the ideal. Hearts and minds will never be persuaded by force, but by grace – Saving Grace.

Snowflake Melting Resolutions
Opinions are like belly-buttons: Everyone’s got one. And whining doesn’t enrich the discussion. It’s just more pee in the pool.

The truth may hurt, but it’s liberating. Of course, the truth nobody wants to hear is “hate”.