West of Dodge

Defund the Police?

If that’s the answer, what was the question?

Back in the day, civilization was carved from a lawless frontier with a Winchester in one hand and an eye on the horizon. Law and order was welcomed.

But today’s cultural arsonists dream of some societal free-for-all built on the embers of pillaged cities and a law on the run.

Be careful what you wish for…

In the absence of any organized enforcement, justice will be dispensed by an armed and self-appointed jury. Judgments will be severe and measured in feet per second.

An irony lost on the ignorant.

How about we defund public schools instead?

Not that they’ve failed. On the contrary, the Dept of Feelings Over Facts has succeeded quite well in doing what it set out to do:

America is racist
Men are rapists
Life is cheap, and of course…
God is dead

Graduates are then unleashed on an unsuspecting society with degrees in: Anarchy, Social Unrest, and Looting.


“With Malice toward none, with charity for all…”
Abraham Lincoln

(Hey, hey! Ho, ho!  Now you know Abe’s got to go!)



Where are all the grown-ups?

For desecrating anything that ain’t theirs, those perpetually offended know-nothings ought to be turned over the nation’s knee and paddled.

Back in black & white, Sheriff Andy took his boy fishing and taught him about life. And somehow Opie didn’t grow up to be a whiny pajama boy vandalizing downtown Mayberry and monuments to General Lee.

A boy is a boy. Two boys are half a boy. And three boys are no boy at all.

And you can’t teach them cooped up in an educational warehouse with revisionist curriculum, America-hating administration, and man-eating teachers.

Boys need less classtime and more playtime, and time with dad.

their dad.

No, the problem is not boys growing up without fathers. There’s no shortage of fathers. Most of them are in the NFL.

What we don’t have enough of are dads.

Not mommy’s latest boyfriend
Not the DNA donor with visitation rights
Not the guy who writes the court-ordered support check


The last thing he sees at night, the first thing he sees in the morning – boots on, kiss for Mom, cup of joe… Dad.

Oh, and yes… his little girl needs him just as much. From her old man she understands what a man is supposed to be. Or not. Just as from her mom she learns respect for the man. Or not.


Making babies… yeah, we figured that much out. Just not how to raise them.

That’s right… I said it.

There are many things a boy needs to learn to grow up to be man – none of which are taught in school: Changing plugs on a flathead eight, plinking cans off the barnyard gate, seeking mercy over hate.

Sure… the lad may worship with you on Sunday, but the rest of the week he is a ward of the State.

Actually, most everything worth knowing must be learned beyond the classroom through hard knocks and skinned knees… especially life’s most essential ingredients: Character and Faith.

And it’s faith in a Higher Authority that instills a faith in Higher Law:

The Commandments
The Beatitudes
The Bill of Rights

…and that justice ultimately belongs to God.


And God is good.

Level Ground
We bless the Father and give the finger to our fellow man, then wonder why Dial A Prayer goes straight to voicemail.

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