Shut Up and Sing

Protest anthems from back in the day may all seem kinda quaint today, but the war in ‘Nam, and all the political funk going on…  the times they were a-changin’.

Country (and Western, as it was known) also had its protest ballads… sorta. Like every time some drunken redneck got bounced from his favorite watering hole.

Not that the Southern curve of the music dial didn’t have its own barnyard of opinions. But whether you sang along or not, guitar pickers knew their trade was more valuable than some petty tirade.

Today’s Pop music is a bubble bath of woke, man-loathing, belly button lint pickers… a mile wide and an inch deep.

And those are just the guys.

So, it was little wonder that, when our favorite hometown honey finally ditched her loyal Nashville fans “…where the blacktop ends”, she’d start in a-preachin’.

How many tweets does it take to get to the angry center of a country girl gone pop?

Mamma always said: Beware of blondes bearing riffs (or was it… baring midriffs?).

Opinions are like belly buttons – everyone’s got one (well, almost everyone). The First Amendment may provide a box, but the soap has a price. Just ask the Dixie Chicks: Free speech ain’t free, and political speech is 99 44/100 % pure soap scum.

Yeah… celebrity corrupts, and absolute celebrity corrupts absolutely.

So, what’s ahead for the sisterhood’s latest navel gazer? Look for a return to the studio to remix some early country favorites for her new pink pussyhat fans, like…

“I knew you were trouble when you voted Republican”

“All you are is mean (and homophobic, and misogynistic…) ”

“You belong with me-eeee, protesting the patriarchy-yyyy. You belong in jail with me.”

Josie and the Pussycats
What more could any red blooded American boy want in a Saturday morning matinée?

A New Hope: Yippee-Ki-Yay
Cue the chiseled cowboy and his cotton calico’d lady: “Well, ya’know – we’ll always have Abilene.”  Star Wars: The Western.