Life: The Early Days

babys-hand-cropDay 1:  Life begins. From 23 chromosomes donated by each parent, a truly unique individual is created – never to replicated or repeated. Weight: 15 ten-millionths of a gram.

Day 18:  Heart begins to beat with baby’s own blood, often of a different type than the mother’s.

Day 28:  Baby has eyes, ears and a tongue. Muscles develop along with a future spine. Arms and legs bud.

Day 30:  Child develops human proportions, growing to ¼ inch long.

Day 42:  Skeleton is formed. Brain waves can be detected.

Day 45:  Spontaneous movement.

Week 8:  Child is a well-proportioned small-scale baby. 1⅛ inch long and one gram in weight. Every organ is present. Taste buds form.

Week 8½:  The unborn baby’s fingerprints are being engraved. Eyelids and palms of hands are sensitive to touch.

Week 9:  The child can bend fingers around an object placed in the palm, and thumb sucks. Unique identifiable fingerprints appear.

Week 10:  The child can squint, swallow and frown, and is sensitive to touch.

Week 11:  Facial expressions and even smiles are evident.

Week 12:  Now 3 inches long and about 2 ounces in weight, the unborn baby can kick, curl toes, make a fist, move thumbs, bend wrists, turn his head and open his mouth.

Week 13:  Facial expressions resemble those of the parents.

Month 4:  5½ inches long and weighing approximately 5 ounces, the baby turns, kicks and even somersaults – some of which can now be felt by the mother.

Month 4½:  Still less than 8 inches in length, the baby can dream (REM) sleep. The unborn baby’s ears are functioning and can hear mother’s heartbeat, as well as external noises like music. The baby is also able to experience pain. Life-saving surgery can be successfully performed.

Month 5:  Child responds to very high and low frequencies.

Month 6:  Fine hair grows on eyebrows and head. Eyelash fringe appears. At about 22 ounces and 9 inches, babies born at this age have survived.

Month 7:  The baby is using four of the five senses (vision, hearing, taste, and touch), opens and closes his eyes, and knows the difference between waking and sleeping, and can relate to the moods of the mother. Recognizes mom’s voice.

Month 8:  Weight over 2 pounds, and gaining a ½ pound each week.

Month 9:  Birth

“To sin by silence, when one should protest, makes cowards of all men.”
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Not Nothing
We were told love was free. Or maybe we just wanted it to be. We were told it was nothing. But then the baby’s heart begins to beat.

The Defiant Ones
Captives and captors are forever bound. Neither can ever be truly free. Not until the undead grant value and worth to the unalive.