Eddy Arnold – Cowboy

cowboy45large-cropThe skies are dark and gray
For a week now it’s been raining every day
And the Kansas City Kid
is all tucked in and dreamin’ of… roaming the range under an endless sky before fading into a reddening sun with the legends of frontier lore – Cowboy was the definitive Country & Western tune.

The forty-five was wrung from the ‘Seventy-six album Eddy, but hasn’t been spun since – not commercially.  Reasons unknown.

…and no longer relevant.  Someone (apparently) wasn’t getting enough creativity credit or dough for their paltry part of the beloved ballad.

Oh yeah, lawyers must have been involved.  And though they’re easy targets for blame and wrath, contempt must be heaped upon the selfish parties involved.  Anything that keeps anyone off the air for all-time must be condemned.

Arnold passed away in ‘aught-eight.  Surely, there must be some statutory limitation on greed and stupidity.

Lyrics: Cowboy