Out Walking After Midnight

…out in the moonlight and cooing a country tune, but other than that, why is any gal out anywhere after dark – alone?

Polcrime-scene squareitical correctness and everything obvious seem to occupy opposite ends of reality.  Soapbox cranks clamor for equality, what they really want is sameness.  Gals will never equal the size and strength of guys.  Most anyway.  Womyn may feel liberated from mankind, but the reprobates that lurk in the shadows may not be so enlightened.  Perverts prey on stupidity.

It’s one thing to don you go girl colored glasses and run foolishly into embarrassment, but the blind denial of the facts of life can be deadly.  Out and about, a buddy system would at least provide some measure of safety.  Preferable yet would be Noah’s boarding directive: Travel in pairs – one male, one female.  Or rather… one man, one woman.  (Some guys simply do not qualify.)

The increase in ownership of the Second Amendment with the corresponding rise of concealed carry is encouraging.  That many women feel the need to carry doesn’t speak well of their men.  In any event, carrying concealed and feeling emboldened thereby while venturing out unaccompanied simply increases the likelihood of having to resort to what should be a last resort.

Life gets real simple real fast: One minute humming Patsy Cline, the next being fitted with a chalk outline.  There’s a point at which prideful independence becomes impractical and flat-chested feminism simply ridiculous.