The bitcoin love affbitcoinair may or may not be about bitcoin.  Some just love anything digital.  Like overgrown kids, nothing exists but what they see on their phone.

An alternate currency has always been a good idea.  Not so much as a hedge against inflation and the meddling of the state, but as a backup against a zombie apocalypse.  But when the poo hits the fan, any currency, digital or otherwise, that is inaccessible is unuseable.  So, bitcoin solves what exactly?

Even inflated paper money (remember that?) could still be traded in a pinch.  But not if locked away in a bank.

When the grid goes down flushing civilization, sellers of even basic services will demand something in hand… something of value in and of itself: Universally accepted, easily toted, divisible and imperishable.  Sure, gold may be off the charts, but at a fraction of the price, silver is still affordable.

Side note: Investing in a precious metals IRA?  Insist on pocketable coin of the realm, never paper representations.  Why spend good money on something of great value just to be held by someone else?

No school like old school.

The only ones profiting from bitcoin are the ones who thunk it up.  To refresh an old saying: In the land of the digitally blind, any man with coin in his hand is king.