Trick or Treat

Screaming at the screen doesn’t help. The innocent and unsuspecting always wander into the dark and scary shadows unaware of the evil lurking there. And then disappear (sometimes all day).

But then, what of it?

It’s convenient: Free lunch, free rides, no need to go inside… so, what’s a little guilt?

Scooby-Doo 101: To solve the mystery, solve the crime.

No mystery here. The one desk fits all warehouse is where dreams go to die: Curiosity replaced with indoctrination, critical thinking with cultish dogma, independence with complacent submission. Devoid of any competitive workplace (or academic) skills, zombies graduate into villages of the darned with degrees in:

•  White Men are Evil
•  The Graveyard of Capitalism, and of course…
•  Witches, Warlocks, and the Founding Fathers

Oh, sure… pro-choicers can always dump their responsibilities off on some horror-free haven, but they’d have to scare-up the admission fee themselves – in effect paying twice: Out of pocket tuition on top of un-rebated school taxation, which is spirited away and never seen again. Along with their souls.

Trick or Treat: Is school choice the solution or just a clue?

Money should follow the little monsters wherever they escape: In town, out of town, out of state.

After all, we expect zombie mommies to make other important decisions, why not education? If they can pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch, certainly they can pick their nose in their own classroom. Not to mention that a vacant schoolhouse here or there would help expose problem areas (…which is also why not).

You’d think choice meant you actually have one, but you really don’t. Not unless where, when, and what also includes…

To go or not to go.

that is the question. Otherwise, the sequel ends the same as the original.

The cruel reality is… changing schools won’t actually change much. A cast of fresh faces in new roles and different places will still be haunted by the same ol’ ghosts. And the nightmare continues.

To be frightfully frank, it doesn’t really matter how school choice is cooked-up, it’s all just so much witch’s brew without its most clarifying ingredient: Customers.

…and no, parents are not customers.

Neither are the goblins. But the goblins make the rules because they rule the money. So, your choice is theirs.

Parents are nothing (…except in the way).

Which exposes another Halloween prank: Why are the childless paying for the non-existent to sit in invisible desks?

Well… if the goblins can make you go, they can make you pay. And if they can make you pay even if you don’t go, then…

What is public education but legalized theft?

Free men are citizens. Subjects are zombies. (…R.I.P.)

To ghost-edit Dostoevsky:

We lay freedom at their feet and say: Make us your slaves but give us free healthcare, daycare, and chicken McNuggets. (What did you expect from public school drop-outs?)

Free for all education (which isn’t free and costs more than if it wasn’t free), Soviet bureaus of propaganda, and trick or treaters sacrificed to the goblins of convenience. Yeah… there’s your crime.

The Giggling Green Ghosts are just a sideshow.

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
The goal of education is to obtain a diploma, not an education. The diploma is needed to pay for the education. The education is not.

Flintstones of Bedrock, USA
The whole purpose of language is communication. Something we’re not doing. Oh, sure… everyone’s talking. But no one’s listening.