Time Change, Again?

Didn’t we just do this?  Feels more like Groundhog day.  Daylight Savings ends, so borrowed time must be repaid?

What savings?  The hour gained in the evening was lost the following morning.  Early bird Peter was robbed for the benefit of night owl Paul.  We were promised extra daylight.  What we got was daylight redistribution.

Everyone could use some extra sun.  Why is the solution to a lack of light late getting up early?

How about Daylight Stimulus?  An extra hour or two in the evening plus one more in the morning.  Sunlight from rooster crow till the late-late-show.

Or just ban night.

The impossible always seems believable right up until the credits roll and the magic vanishes.  Reality reigns in the Land of Make Believe, but not the Town of Marbled Monuments.

All this Fall Back/Spring Ahead stuff is just smoke and mirrors, without a fundamental fudging of the laws of nature …and the watch and the girl. 

The Desolate Wilderness
“And for the season it was winter…”