School is Out

Back in the day, a man with an eighth grade education was easily the smartest man in the room.  Today, kids spend more days in school, more hours in class, more free-time on homework, and know less.

Reforms fill the political air and take The Way Outson  cartoonish shapes: Clinton sketched out Goals 2000 while Bush drew-up No Child Left Behind. Both reforms failed, as both were written in the same ink – green. Education’s problems cannot be solved with money. Even money problems cannot be solved with money.

And the solution is neither Republican nor Democrat, because the solution cannot be found in a town of marble monuments.  And though local government is preferable to distant government, any government is a clumsy implement for education.  Or anything else.

Everything worth knowing must be learned in the real world, through hard knocks and skinned knees.  And life’s most essential ingredients, character and faith, will never be taught in a classroom.  Kids need less facts and figures and more rhyme, playtime and time with dad.

Education has a delusional view of self-importance, an appetite for confiscatory funding, and a lust for blind worship.  No, the problem with education is education.

School is not just out.  It’s way out.

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