As Time Goes By

casablanca-cropIt isn’t nature that abhors a vacuum, but Congress – all of life’s potholes hurriedly filled with political ego.  Nothing would ever get done without direction from some Department of Threatening Letters.  Children would go uneducated, families unfed, the needy abandoned, and of course nobody would have insurance.

If some thing is a beneficial thing why penalize those without?  What’s next: Thou shalt eat ice cream?

Good intentions aren’t good for nothing, they’re expensive mandates in some busybody’s bill.  The failure of government healthcare wasn’t the lack of goodies in the law, but that they were enforced by law. 

The law is a negative concept, noted Bastiat.  It cannot do good.

“When the law by force imposes a regulation upon men, then the law acts positively.  It substitutes the will of the legislator for the will of the people.  The people then no longer need to discuss, compare, or plan ahead.  The law does all this for them.  They lose their personality and their liberty.  They cease to be men.”

Repeal and replace with what?  The solution to inept democrat-care is republican-care?  The opposite of bad law is not good law but no law.

We’ve lost the basic idea that insurance is risk management not a rich uncle.  Some, like the young, wish to live on a wing and a prayer. So, let them.

Still, full repeal does not leave nothing.  Liberty is pre-eminent.

“Where no law is, there is no transgression.”  Romans 4:15

Liberty is not license and it is not chaos.  In the absence of the laws of man reign the laws of nature and nature’s God.  The sun will rise in the east, dogs will chase cats, and merchants will fill the square for shoppers seeking wares.  Moonlight and love songs never out of date, the fundamental things apply as time goes by.

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