The Uninvited

Tempting.  Draft the best and set them against the rest.  But fantasy leagues, like All Star games and dream teams, fail to recognize one small but important part to the team.  The rest of the team.

It’s thesenfl fantasy football missing parts that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.  Even a mediocre team can succeed through the sacrifice of self for the benefit of everything that is not self.  Just as the very best will fail when the best on the team elevates self above the rest.

In reality, fantasy players can never be a team, because each is deemed more important than the team.  And it’s that pursuit of self that will destroy their team or any team, dream or not, and the game itself.  And ultimately self.  At the final whistle, nothing will remain but the dream.

On their way to taking Olympic gold, the Miracle team defeated the Soviet All Pro team.  Herb Brooks stitched together a motley collection of college kids and taught them to play as a team.  And the dream became reality.