Love, Love Will Keep Us Together …Maybe

Or nocaptain & tennille cropt.   But as long as couples marry with the idea that when stuff gets tough divorce is an option, eventually it will be the only option.  Cute song, though.

Perhaps fewer marriages would end if more marriages began with fewer thoughts of the marriage ending and more contemplation of sacred vows and ever after.

It is not a safety valve.  No one is better off.  Divorce is the result of pure selfishness; and whether children are involved or not, destroys an intact family unit.

Odd, that in the freedom of the sexual revolution, the marrying kind have been running from marriage just as those who engage in homosexuality have been running to marriage.  An attempt to be what will never be?  A gay “marriage” does not start with an intact family unit, and that it requires a qualifier is an admission that it will never be a marriage.  But whatever gay “marriage” is or is not, nothing is be more destructive of marriage than divorce.

And though gay “marriage” and divorce are just empty pots at opposite ends of the marital rainbow, they do possess in common one dark thread: Neither is ordained by God.