3:10 to Yuma

It’s every girl’s dream to be a bride-to-be: bride on trainWhite lace and promises, misty-eyed friends and family, solemn vows before God.  But some girls like getting married more than being married.  That once (or thrice) in a lifetime chance to line-up childhood pals in order of allegiance, to one-up a BFF’s gaudy affair, arrange reception guests like so many bouquets, to be the center of all attention.  A pity it must be… the groom gets an invite.

Not all.  There are some absolute dolls: Gals with double first names, who bake blueberry cobbler, and blush at a smile and whistle.   For the rest, the wedding is just the next event to check-off the social to-do list.

On bended knee, his proposal should be unfeigned love, the past forever behind, a new beginning at the end of the line – one heart, two tickets, and a preacher waiting in Yuma.

But if she wants to get married more than she wants to be married, leave her at the station.  Someday, the ex-bride-to-be will land the man of her dreams, who will give her the wedding of her dreams, and file the divorce of her dreams, leaving her free to dream again.  Some girls just like getting married.