All Guns Are Always Loaded

That’s rule number one.  But at a Walmart in Idaho, Veronica Rutledge was accidentally shot by her own two-year old, who found the personal carry gun in the security compartment of mom’s purse left in the shopping cart.  To whatever end, listing all the carry violations will be left to others, along with the doubts raised over the wisdom of casual purse storage.  What remains is… apparently the safety was not engaged.

If it had one.  Th1911 with Glocke only safety on a Glock (and those of similar design) is located on the trigger of all places.  There is no other external safety.  So if a two-year old can pull the trigger, the two-year old can open fire.

Cocked and locked, the 1911 thumb safety physically locks the slide and hammer.  Still for many, preferable carry is hammer down on an empty chamber.  And arguably safer.  For years, this was standard military carry.

Crossing the border out of Philly, Shaneen Allen was stopped by police with a handgun in her purse and two children in her car, highlighting the news.  The handgun was legal, her permit was legit, the purchase was recent.  As were the mugging recent, and concerned with the well-being of the children, her purchase was a Bersa .380 with three independent safeties.  One of which is a keyed cylindrical lock on the side of the gun disabling the gun.

Guns are inherently dangerous.  They cannot be at the same time not dangerous and effective.  New gun owners must learn to live in peace with the tools that keep the peace in a world that is not.