R is for Redskins

Not for rose.  But what’s in a name?

F is for F word.  Not F word, the F word… the unmentionable F word.  But in place of the F word… the actual F word, F word is used… that is, the letter F followed by word.  So that when the F word is used… not the F word just F word, the F word is understood and no one is offended.

N is for N word.  Which must be more offensive than the F word, because the N word… not N word, the real N word, cannot be spoken, thought of, or breathed.  So like children, the N word… the actual N word, must be referenced by N word.  Because feelings might get hurt.

But the N word by any other name is still the N word.  For if a word, any word, is nothing but a combination of letters referencing some thing, place, or idea, then the N word… not the real N word, just N word, is just as offensive as the N word… the actual N word.  That is to say, N word and the N word are one and the same.  But what’s in a name?

In an attempt to banish an idea, the intolerant banish the word referencing the idea… in the name of tolerance.  Yet the idea remains.

Juliet had it right.  The Redskins by any other name would still be the Redskins.  And would still be smelly.

High Noon: May 18th
George Strait: Wait for me here. Tina Fey: No, I won’t do it. You’re asking me to wait to see if I’ll be a wife, a widow, or a stand-up has-been.

Slight the Vote
Opinions are like belly buttons – everyone’s got one. And more opinions than less won’t enrich the result. Just more pee in the pool.